Test and fever:(

You got two test for your mid sem test tomorrow and then you just get a fever. Oh bad fever! Isn`t it a really good combination huh? Hell yeah. Its is :(

Well, i really worried about how the test will going on. With lack of preparation, not enough revision and suddenly i got a fever. Hey, this is the first test that i`ll going to face in the university. A night before test, all my housemates are studying hardly. HAHA, or should i say all of them are study last minutes very hardly :)
Just imagine how i look like, HAHA
Oh, I really frustated with myself. I can`t do nothing because of the fever and headache. :( While they are do their revision, i still trying to focus on my book but it is useless. Feel like nothing that can be `save` in my mind. Stressed. Yes, I do called my dad and cried. Lembik ouh mya. Yes i do. When i got fever, i will be like a  3 years old child craving for her mom and dad.

I slept very early last night but, every single hours i will awake and my roomate are still studying. OMG! HAHA. Really freaking me out :) I wake up early this morning and try to do some revision. Its never too late huh?Still in unhealthy condition yet getting worse than yesterday i guess. Walking to the examination hall and praying that i can answer the question. But, what do you think huh? Math is quite ok but biology? HAHA, Better don`t ask more :)

After test,staright forward to the cafe. Starving! but too many people at the cafe.Back to the room and sleep,sleep and sleep. HAHA. It is because of the clarytine.(ubat sesema lah! ). Still not studying and i keep worried what will happen with my first test. Carry mark nie ;( But, whan can i do more.

Anyhow, thanks housemates for the dinner and not forget the 100 plus yang BESAR PUNYA!! :). Sanggup korang ke angsana cari 100 plus untuk aku kan :) So sweeet.Thanks too to amirah farhana and farihin teman aku gi clinic. Sayang korang :))))
 a good friend is they who are always helps in times of difficult and easy

Fever, flu, please go away. Two test is waiting. Chem and physic lak tu *sigh*

My english is getting worse i guess ;(


velasrizal said…
yup 100 plus will make u better..at laest u need to drink 2 bottles 1.5L

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♥CIK SHA♥ said…
get well soon n gudluck 4 ur exam..^_^
iemaZAIMAH said…
cepat2 sembuh syg!

n gudluck for ur test =)
hazimah haze' said…
hope u'd feelin better now.. :D

p/s: *yaY!! test is over..
*jom BALEK UMA!!(x sbr da nie)
*blek uma tgk eclipse.. huhu..

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