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25 Random facts about me :)

Diari dan surat.

Mahukan perubahan diri?

What phone, laptop are you using now?

Tiga belas

Hari ke-dua belas


Ubat oh ubat.

Day 11 | What movie are you planning to watch? with whom?

Resipi | Aiskrim vanilla homemade

Day 10 :what is your 2010 aim? did you achieve it

Count on me :)

Award from OhNinie!

Birthday ke 18 :)

Day 9 :events to do before 2010 ends?

Yahoo! Happy

Day 8 :where are you studying? what course?

Alhamdulillah :) Lulus pun akhirnya

Kawan-kawan tolong saya boleh?

Day 6 | What do you miss about your childhood?

Memang Hanyutlah.

Rancangan tv zaman kanak-kanak.

Nak jumpa Maher Zain lah!

Day 4 : Instrument that i can play and i want to play :)

Tutorial | Cara nak buat recent post bergerak-gerak

Day 3 : Where have you been recently.

Day 2 : Things that you will bring to bed to sleep with.

Day 1 : Recent pictures with your bf/gf.

30 days of challenge ;)