DIA sentiasa ada

When you are having difficulties,
When you think that you are lonely and nobody to talk to
When you feel that your life are miserable
When you feel that you are too stressfull

Remember. HE is always be there :)

source : tumblr
He always is. I am very sure  :)

p/s : how i miss the old times :(


mashimaro said…
pray to ALLAH.
he always there 4 u:)
luvly mya said…
mashimaro : righto :)
maiMOONyet said…
yup! jgn ptus asa yunk :)
Anonymous said…
Too much stress my little lady?
hope U'r ok, see u by end of the week!
luvly mya said…
khalida : i miss u and love u =_=
luvly mya said…
mai : yuhoo, chaiyok2 kan :)
luvly mya said…
Abah or mam i guess :) can`t wait to going back to home :(
cEro said…
aku suka entri ni...

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