Movie day out with Zealous

Growing up sucks. You are not always has a time for each other and to meet up frequently. Anyhow, thanks god for the whatsapp group so that you can keep updated though most of the times what has been shared in the group are chain message or birthday wishes. lol. but it's better than nothing. So, once in a while small reunion is neededGood things when you have a friends who are willing to make a plan so that we can gather, chit chatting and having a good food.

Jeeha suggested that we going for a movie because she can get a cheaper ticket price through Maybank or something. Who doesn't like cheap thingg you tell me. As usual, we put our name in the list if we want to join and at that time when the movie date is a month away everybody want to put their names on the list despite of where they are staying. I also wonder whether they really want to come to KL just for a movie gathering. It would be really nice for them to do that.However, when the movie date is in a week left, the name list decrease from 30 to 20 and decreasing again. Hahaha. It is really common when we are planning for an event even it was just a day out.

Confirming who is going is one thing, choosing what movie to watch is another thing. I'm suggesting In the Heart of the sea because the trailer looks promising and one thing because the movie that Jeeha suggested is not my kind of movie. But Point Break wins the vote. I'm fine with it, I'll enjoy it anyhowThere are ten of us who confirm to join the movie date. Hahaha. So the venue is set at TGV one Utama and the movie is at 3.45 p.m. I wasn't planning to go there early because there was a guest at my house and I have to help my mom cooking. I went out around 2 p.m. and then start worrying if i'm going to be late. HAHHA. Well One Utama is quite far from my house and it took me almost an hour to reach there.

When I arrived at Damansara rain started to rain heavily and it is very bad that I barely can see the road due to the heavy downpour. Flash flood started to occur in front of Seri Pentas and I'm driving while praying that my car did not stranded there. Hahaha. On the side note, my friend's car stopped and cannot start for a while due to the flood. I was the second one who reached at OU while most of my friends are stranded to to the heavy rain. A lot of things happened and because of that we enter the movie hall 30 minutes late! HAHAHA. From 10 people, only 7 of us getting into the movie hall and Otai just reached TGV 45 minutes late after the movie had started. To make it worse, we didn't understand what the movie is about. I don't know it is because we missed the early part of the movie or because of the movie is really confusing. Till the end of the movie we kept asking each other if anyone understand what is the motive of the movie. We have enjoyed the stunt and action of the movie though.

After the movie and perform Maghrib prayers we went to William's Corner for dinner. At first we are just teasing Dzoq asking him to treat us Mix grill which cost RM80 for one plate. And he agreed for two plates. Everyone likes free food.We enjoyed the good food, have a good laugh and chit chatting. After almost 2 hours we were there, everybody wants to make a move. Dzoq paid for our dinner. All of the billsYa Allah, may Allah give you more than what you give to usAmin.

Though this event has a lot of problems and circumstance, meeting old friends has never been disappointed. Looking forward for the next small reunion. Who is going to open table next? :)


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