A day in Melaka

Last saturday I went to Melaka. The last time i went to Melaka with Sheikh about last year i guess. Just to have coconut shake and dinner at his house. A real holiday was 3 years ago with Yaya. Hahaha how times flies. 

This is such an unplanned daytrip. Because I already asked him to go for a date (jalan-jalan not a typical watching movie,eat and round shopping mall kinda date). But H is so so so busy with his works and sometimes works on Saturday. If not, his weekend are already filled with hiking trip urghh. God give me patient. Hahaha.. what to do I know him also from hiking so redha. And when he asked where do I wanna go on the weekend (as if he dont know) and whether I want to go to Melaka. I said ok sure if you are not working. Try to be as natural as I can because I dont want to put any hope 😞.
Long story short, on Saturday we went to Melaka!! Yeayyurr. We start our journey around 11 something and I drive first. Its because he dont have his breakfast yet and sleepy because he came back from work very late last night so okay la let me drive. Packed baked macaroni for him to have it in the car. Why do I love long drive and journey because we can talk about many things in the car. Serious talk or any matters and it feels good.
First stop we went to Taman Mini Malaysia. I dont remember when was the last time I've been here and the ticket costs us RM10.90. Woww haahha last time I dont even bother about ticket price because I'm not the one who are paying. But, too sad because with the amount that we paid, the house in there are like an abandoned house. Inside the house is full with dust and  very dirty. There are workers who are sitting at the house but she/he just welcoming us and sit there playing with their phones. Only the Melacca house look a little bit decent because the sell cookies and kuih muih inside the house. Even the cafeteria doesn't look attractive at all. Huhu. A little bit dissapointed with the management. Nonetheless we did enjoy taking pictures there.
Because of the very hot weather we decided to have a drink first before proceed to he next stop. We had the famous coconut shake at Batu Berendam. Nope dont even thinking about going to Klebang Coconut Shake because we hate crowded area. And as for me Batu Berendam's Coconut shake taste good enough. Hehehe 
It was raining while we were having our drinks and I pray hard for the rain to stop hahaha so that I can continue jalan-jalan at the A Famosa.

I think we were lucky that day because it was so easy to find parking and its nearby to the red building. Just exactly behind the St. Paul area. I forgot to bought parking ticket and Alhamdulillah no fine received. Hahah. From there we went to St. Paul hill. From there, we can see Muzium Samudera. H was very eager to go there because he said the last time he went there was 14 years ago 😳. Hahaah. 


After 100 of pictures taken we went down at sit at the area in front of Dataran Pahlawan because H want some "time off". Suddenly a man and woman come and the woman show her badge and said "Encik boleh bagi saya rokok encik. Saya terpaksa saman kerana ini adalah kawasan larangan merokok". Lol whattt hahahah. It was funny weh, even H was laughing. We dont even know that Melaka is a smoke free zone. But after H got fined we can see the signboard everywhere. At the same time I also laught, thats why la I dont give u smoking but u still degil ha serve u right. (Berani cakap dalam hati jela 😆)

Along the way to the Muzium Samudera we just laughing because of the fine. Hahah I said to him that he just had the expensive cigarettes ever lols. At the museum we met a very hyper and energetic tourist that asked us to join their boomerang. So funny hahahah. Then, we had Cendol at the Cendol Jam Besar. I dont know why it is so famous and people lined up for the Cendol. It tasted just fine. Afterwards, we just sit at the    Fountain area and listening to the bands playing music.


After maghrib we took a walk at Jonker Walk. Watched a very enjoyable magic show and walk until the end of Jonker Walk. Then I felt so hungry and ajak H to go dinner. Walking towards the end of the Jonker Walk is one thing, walking back to the start is another one thing. My stonach already made a noise and it got tortured more by the smell of foods that I can't eat along the way.


I always wanted to try the famous Ee Ji Ban chicken rice ball and planned to go there for dinner. On the way, H spotted a reggae shop and saw the Bob Marley's merchandise that he was searching for almost a year. Everytime I go to Penang or Ipoh he asked me to find Bob Marley for him. Oh god. Even I felt so happy he foud it because it is really hard to find. H even got a good bargain so yeay I guess he is really happy that day. Butttt no chicken rice ball for me because the restaurant is already closing while H was immersed in the Reggae shop. Hahaha. He promised me to try it again next time. I mark your word okay!!

Lastly, we had dinner at Asam Pedas Claypot that said to be the best Asam Pedas in town. There were so many people and even the meal come to our table very late. Asam Pedas Claypot located nearby to the famous Pak Putra Naan Tandori. I've been so eager to try eat because there are a lot of romours that said the naan there is really good. I bought garlic cheese nan and butter naan for mama. Suprisngly, the naantaste so good, so soft and so sedap!!
After dinner we straight away going back to home. Felt very full and started to feel sleepy. H driving so I tried my best to stopped myself from fall asleep so that I can accompany him. But, both of us cannot hold out sleepiness anymore. We stop by at RnR Seremban and take a nap before going to perform our Solat. Goshh Its just around 20 minutes to home but we cannot do anything because we are really sleepy. Better be safe than sorry aite. 

Overall I am very happy and I know he enjoyed this trip too. Looking forward for our next date. Hehe. Thank you for layaning me all day. ❤️ 


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